Category management

Out of the box you will have an example of category management (for the cases in which you are developing a blog or a shop). To access this example, click the "Examples/Category Management" link in the left sidebar or add /category to the URL. You can add and edit categories here, but you can only delete them if they are not attached to any items.

        @if ($category->items->isEmpty() && auth()->user()->can('delete', $category))
          <button type="button" class="btn btn-link btn-danger btn-icon btn-sm remove" data-original-title="" title="" onclick="confirm('{{ __("Are you sure you want to delete this category?") }}') ? this.parentElement.submit() : ''">
            <i class="tim-icons icon-simple-remove"></i>

The policy which authorizes the user on categories management pages is implemented in App\Policies\CategoryPolicy.php.