Frontend assets

Black Dashboard PRO Laravel is a premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template.

Quick start

To start using the Admin Dashboard you will need to import some files in your current project or start from scratch using our template (scroll down in this page to view it).


Copy-paste the stylesheet <link> into your <head> before all other stylesheets to load our CSS.

<!-- CSS Files -->
<link href="../assets/css/black-dashboard.css?v=1.0.0" rel="stylesheet" />


Many of our components require the use of JavaScript to function. Specifically, they require jQuery, Popper.js, and our own JavaScript plugins. Place the following <script>s near the end of your pages, right before the closing </body> tag, to enable them. jQuery must come first, then Popper.js, and then our JavaScript plugins.

<!--   Core JS Files   -->
<script src="../assets/js/core/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../assets/js/core/popper.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../assets/js/core/bootstrap.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- Plugin for the Perfect Scrollbar -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/perfect-scrollbar.jquery.min.js"></script>
<!-- Plugin for the momentJs  -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/moment.min.js"></script>
<!--  Plugin for Sweet Alert -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/sweetalert2.js"></script>
<!-- Forms Validations Plugin -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/jquery.validate.min.js"></script>
<!--  Plugin for the Wizard, full documentation here: -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/jquery.bootstrap-wizard.js"></script>
<!--	Plugin for Select, full documentation here: -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/bootstrap-selectpicker.js" ></script>
<!--  Plugin for the DateTimePicker, full documentation here: -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/bootstrap-datetimepicker.min.js"></script>
<!-- Plugin, full documentation here:    -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/jquery.datatables.min.js"></script>
<!--	Plugin for Tags, full documentation here:  -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/bootstrap-tagsinput.js"></script>
<!-- Plugin for Fileupload, full documentation here: -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/jasny-bootstrap.min.js"></script>
<!--  Full Calendar Plugin, full documentation here:    -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/fullcalendar.min.js"></script>
<!-- Vector Map plugin, full documentation here: -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/jquery-jvectormap.js"></script>
<!--  Plugin for the Sliders, full documentation here: -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/nouislider.min.js" ></script>
<!--  Plugin for the Table Order, full documentation here: -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/jquery.tablesorter.js" ></script>
<!-- Include a polyfill for ES6 Promises (optional) for IE11, UC Browser and Android browser support SweetAlert -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- Library for adding dinamically elements -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/arrive.min.js"></script>
<!--  Google Maps Plugin    -->
<script  src=""></script>
<!-- Chartist JS -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/chartist.min.js"></script>
<!--  Notifications Plugin    -->
<script src="../assets/js/plugins/bootstrap-notify.js"></script>
<!-- Control Center for Black Dashboard: parallax effects, scripts for the example pages etc -->
<script src="../assets/js/black-dashboard.js?v=1.0.0" type="text/javascript"></script>

Fonts and Icons

Copy-paste the stylesheet <link> into your <head> before all other stylesheets to load the Fonts and Icons.

<!--     Fonts and icons     -->
<link href=",300,400,600,700,800" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">